Postcard app

Sending a postcard with your smartphone is easy!

With the SimplyCards postcard application, making a postcard with your smartphone really does become very simple. Always in your pocket, equipped with an incomparable camera, your mobile is really the ideal tool to send your cards. And to make sending it quick and easy, the SimplyCards mobile application has been designed with great care.

To test it is to adopt it! You will be convinced by its user-friendliness and its ease of use. No headache, everything is simple, easy and fast!

The SimplyCards postcard application brings together all the tools you need to create your own photo compositions. Numerous themes, colours, writing styles, a handwritten signature, a customizable stamp... everything has been thought out down to the last detail to make you the champion of the personalized postcard. So let your photos do the talking!

Which phones are compatible with this postcard application?

SimplyCards is available on all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

As a little extra, the SimplyCards mobile app lets you find all your contacts on your mobile phone as soon as they have a postal address.

With an iPhone or iPad, go to ’ the AppStore to install the application.

For Android smartphones or tablets (Samsung, Huawei , OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus, Google, Sony ...), install the application from the Google Play.

Finally for windows phones, compose your postcards from www.simplycards/com/app

Ready for a family postcard game?

The same SimplyCards account can be used on several phones at the same time.

On family holidays, everyone should be able to send their cards in peace. For greater simplicity, you can use the same SimplyCards account simultaneously on all the family's phones 🙂 Once the account has been created on mum's phone, Rose and Tom will be able to use mum's account (and her 😉 credits) to write to their friends from their smartphone. And if Daddy wants to send a card to Mommy, no problem either!

When to send a postcard with your smartphone?

There are many opportunities to send our loved ones a few words and nice pictures:

  • Outings with family or friends, meetings are full of smiles and good times shared.
  • When you travel, you will love to show your friends and family these sumptuous landscapes, this exotic culture ...
  • On holiday, there are many opportunities to take pictures. A small aperitif with friends, an afternoon by the pool, a long walk on the beach with your feet in the water... When it's time for your nap, it will only take a few minutes to turn your best holiday photos from your smartphone into real postcards!
Postcard application

And for all these situations:

Take advantage of the many themes offered in the application to embellish your cards. A suitable theme for every moment!

Another advantage, no matter where you are, no more searching for stamps, no more lost cards or cards arriving 3 weeks after your return!