Invitation or thank-you card

Feel like partying with family or friends? There is no shortage of opportunities... There's nothing like a little invitation card to make the event official!
Bachelor party, housewarming party, moving up to the top ten without worrying about it, 18, 20, 40 years old... The following events can be celebrated: a "Beaujolais Nouveau" celebration, the end of exams, a seminar between colleagues, a wedding anniversary, a baptism, Christmas or New Year's Eve, a neighbours' party, a village party, a cousin's party, or just a party for the fun of being with friends!
SimplyCards is here to help you prepare a beautiful invitation card by proposing a wide choice of themes that will highlight your photos and illustrate your invitation.
The better the party, the more pictures: Serious photos, souvenir photos, delirious photos, family photos... Share your best photos by also sending a card of thanks rich in memories and emotions.
a sample invitation card
an example of thank-you cards