Christmas card

Christmas is coming? This year again, December is the race! Work, all kinds of activities... the days are going by and December 25th is almost here. In the streets, the shop windows light up day after day. Christmas trees are back and all these decorations warm our hearts.
Among all this Christmas magic, the most touching is certainly to see the joy that already shines in the eyes of our toddlers. It's the time of the famous letter to Santa Claus!
To amaze your children and grandchildren, SimplyCards invites you to take up the pen to prepare a beautiful Christmas card signed by Santa Claus.
A bit of imagination, a few photos of your children (if possible in front of the tree) will do the trick.
Then add images of Christmas and Santa Claus from the Pixabay image bank accessible directly in SimplyCards.
Imagine your toddlers' surprise and amazement when they receive a real card from Santa Claus on which they can see how much Santa thinks of them. 😀
For those who no longer believe in Santa Claus, or who can't spend Christmas with their family or friends, a nice Christmas card received during the holidays, accompanied by souvenir photos, will surely be a much appreciated treat.
Once again SimplyCards, with the mobile postcard application or via its web-based card sending service, offers you numerous themes for your Christmas cards that will make it easier for you to create your graphic compositions. A few clicks and it's posted.
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