Balloons, confetti, cake, sweets... A birthday is something to prepare for, and for that, you shouldn't forget the invitations to please your loved ones! Before you blow out your candles, here are some ideas for preparing your birthday invitations cards.

A well-prepared birthday

Whether it's your birthday or your child's birthday, we have invitations for all tastes, for adults and children.
To celebrate this event, send beautiful personalised invitation cards to your friends and family !
Receiving a beautiful birthday invitation card in your mailbox touches your heart! There's nothing like it to make you smile! Especially when it comes from people you love. Beautiful moments of joy and sharing in perspective.
birthday invitation card

Create a beautiful card for your birthday invitations

To create a beautiful invitation card, you just need to add a few photos, a short note to specify the place and the date. You can decorate the card by choosing a theme in the birthday section.
It is also possible to add a QR-Code on the card that your guests can use to answer you very easily. SimplyCards then takes care of everything. The cards are printed, stamped and mailed directly to your guests!
une carte d'invitation anniversaire petite fille
With SimplyCards, make your birthday a magical and unforgettable moment!

Examples of birthday invitation card

Funny birthday invitation card

Creating and sending a funny birthday invitation card is the best way to make your friends and family laugh and to make them want to come to your birthday party to enjoy a unique and pleasant moment.

Children's birthday invitation card

Your child's birthday is coming soon and you want to celebrate it? Come and discover all our colorful themes, which are perfect for boys and girls. And if that's not enough, come and explore our cartoon section ! Your invitations are sure to be a hit!

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