Birthday card for young and old

Are you planning your birthday or your child's birthday? What could be more original than sending a personalised card to guests to announce the date and location of the upcoming party!
With SimplyCards you can easily create the beautiful birthday card that will make an impression! Thanks to the birthday theme, you will find frames to illustrate the festive meaning of the upcoming event.
Feel free to personalise the card a little more by adding a text or several texts on the image. Add a few emoticons, and no doubt the message will be clear and the guests will be delighted!
The birthday card is also sent to wish his friend a happy birthday. Don't hesitate to choose the most beautiful picture of the two of you and a nice frame for this card which will make you very happy. Take advantage of the personalization of the stamp to put a funny picture of you!
Here is a nice example of a birthday card for a child
examples of birthday cards for a child