The first communion or the profession of faith are two important stages in the life of a Christian. To announce these great occasions to your loved ones, there is nothing better than to prepare a pretty communion announcement. You can send it to your relatives, but especially to your godfather and godmother as well as your grandparents. The communion celebration requires a lot of preparation and the date is fixed well in advance. The communion announcement can therefore also be sent early enough so that everyone can reserve this important date.
communion announcement

How to personalise your communion announcement?

The Duo card format is perfect for making your communion announcement. You can personalise it by adding many photos. In addition, to give a more spiritual tone to the announcement, you can take a photo representing a candle, a cross or the church in which the priest will celebrate the communion mass.
As the card can be personalised on all four sides, don't limit yourself. You can choose several images, and also use the themes that we propose for this occasion.
As far as the text of your announcement is concerned, you should specify the place, date and time of the ceremony. You can also invite your friends and family to a communion meal to celebrate this important moment in your faith together.

Examples of communion announcements

First communion announcement

Jessica is preparing her first communion this year. On 17th June, she is looking forward to share this important step in her life as a Christian with you all. We will all meet after mass in the parish gardens for the traditional photos of the communicants and a drink of friendship.

Announcement of solemn communion or profession of faith

Smith will be making his profession of faith on Sunday 15 March at 11am in Newcastle Cathedral. After the ceremony, we invite you to join us for a family lunch. We count on your presence to surround Smith with your faith on this important day.

Announcement of communion for adults

The Lord guides me in faith. To continue to follow in his footsteps and to commit myself more and more to this path of life, I am going to receive communion for the first time. I will be happy to have you by my side on that day, or to have you join me in prayer. Fraternally.

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