Finally the holidays... Lying on the warm sand, I close my eyes and hear the sea and the children shouting while playing on the beach. How good it is to relax like this by the water's edge. We forget everything! We replenish our energy and fill up our stock of memories.
Nothing is better than sending a personalised postcard from the beach with your best photos.
Thanks to the SimplyCards mobile app or directly on the SimplyCards website from my laptop, it's so easy to send cards with your photos.
No more generic postcards, and especially no more old-fashioned postcards from the seaside resort.
Now I can choose my best photos, make a layout with good care, choose colors and add smileys... Even the stamp can be personalised. And above all I can send my cards in series.
Just a few words to adjust and hops a postcard for Grandma and Grandpa! In a few minutes all my postcards are sent :-)
postcards from the Atlantic
a postcard from a baby on the beach
a postcard of a child on a boat
a postcard from a woman at the seaside...