What the postcards that I send will look like?

Before each shipment, we show you on the app exactly how the front and back of the postcard will be printed. In keeping with the spirit of postcards, we have selected premium cardstock (330g/m2 PEFC-certified) in 4.3" x 5.9" size to produce the standard size cards and 5.9" x 7.9" for the XL size cards. After printing, the card is glazed to enhance the result of the images and to protect them.

What does a Duo card look like?

Before each shipment, we show you on the application a summary of the 4 sides as they will be printed. The card has a square format (5.5" x 5.5") and is folded. It is sent in a white envelope. For the production, we have selected a high quality cardboard paper (PEFC certified).

Is my card sent in an envelope?

Postcards (standard size and XL size) are sent without an envelope.
Duo cards are sent in a beautiful white envelope.

How long does it take to receive SimplyCards postcards?

We are committed to printing and shipping your postcards the next business day after you place your order (Monday to Friday). You will receive an email when the postcard has been dispatched to the postal service. Delivery time is added to this. Here are the usual postal delivery times (not guaranteed):
  • Europe: 2-6 working days
  • USA – Canada: 5-12 working days
  • Rest of the world: 1-4 weeks
  • My recipient still hasn’t received their card. Where is it?

    The cards are dispatched to the postal service to be shipped and sometimes the delivery time can be longer than the times stated. If the delivery time is significantly longer than that stated below (e.g. longer than 8 working days for Europe), please go to the order history.

    Where are the postcards sent from?

    The postcards are printed and posted from France. The entire SimplyCards service is carried out in France.

    Is it possible to send cards all over the world?

    Yes, it is possible and you can post them without additional costs!

    How is my postcard made?

    Let us take you through it... SimplyCards is very simple!
    You can easily:
    Take a new photo or choose your photos from your phone, as well as from your Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox accounts.
    Choose your template, text and background colours for the postcard and even add text to your photos
    - Sign your card with your fingertip on your smartphone screen,
    - Add emojis and smileys to brighten up your cards,
    - Choose and save your mailing addresses in the address book on your phone,
    - Search for a post code or an additional address,

    Can I cancel or edit a card that has been sent?

    A postcard sent is no longer editable. However, if this is still possible, you can cancel it from your order history. In this case, the associated credits will be returned to your SimplyCards account for your next postcard.

    Can I crop and rotate a photo on my postcard?

    Yes, after you have inserted a photo on your card, you can edit it by clicking on it and choosing to ‘Edit the photo’.

    Can I use smileys or emoticons on my postcard?

    Yes, you can do this for all the text on your card, even on the front!

    Can I schedule the sending of a card in advance?

    Yes, when confirming the sending of your card, you can choose its dispatch date. You can schedule the sending up to a year in advance!

    I want to start preparing multiple cards without sending them. How can I do that?

    You can save your ongoing creations from the Account/Drafts menu. To finalize these cards, you can pick them up later from your drafts.

    How do I send a card in XL format?

    Simply prepare a postcard in the application, and the choice of the card format, XL or standard, will be offered at the time of sending confirmation.

    How can I manage my recipients’ addresses?

    On mobile phones, SimplyCards allows you to use the mailing addresses saved in the contacts list on your phone. You can also reuse postal addresses from previously sent cards.

    I don’t know the spelling, structure or post code of the address...

    Use the Help section on the entry page for recipients’ addresses. This will definitely help to answer your problems.

    Is it possible to send a large number of cards to a list of recipients?

    Yes, we offer a sending postcards or Duo cards in bulk. Contact us by email at support@simplycards.com to explain your project, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    SimplyCards credit purchases

    How does the credit system work?

    Once logged into your SimplyCards account, you can buy credits (Menu/manage credits).
    1 standard card sent = 1 credit.
    1 XL card or 1 Duo card sent = 2 credits.
    Your credit balance is deducted each time you send a postcard.
    Postcards can be sent worldwide from anywhere!

    How much does a postcard cost?

    1 standard card = 1 credit
    1 XL card = 2 credits
    1 Duo card = 2 credits
    The cost of a our credits include VAT and postage, whatever the destination.
    Enjoy packs of credits at discount prices as well as a number of promo codes.

    Pack prices in Euros (EUR) :
    - 1 credit for 2,79€
    - 5 credits for 13,45€
    - 10 credits for 25,90€
    - 20 credits for 47,80€
    - 50 credits for 109,50€
    - 75 credits for 149,25€
    - 150 credits for 283,50€

    Pack prices in US dollar (USD):
    - 1 credit for $3.09
    - 5 credits for $14.95
    - 10 credits for $27.90
    - 20 credits for $51.80
    - 50 credits for $119.50
    - 75 credits for $164.25
    - 150 credits for $313.50

    Pack prices in pounds sterling (GBB) :
    - 1 credit for £2.59
    - 5 credits for £12.45
    - 10 credits for £23.90
    - 20 credits for £44.90
    - 50 credits for £100.90
    - 75 credits for £139.40
    - 150 credits for £255.90

    Pack prices in Swiss francs (CHF) :
    - 1 credit for CHF 2.89
    - 5 credits for CHF 13.95
    - 10 credits for CHF 26.90
    - 20 credits for CHF 49.90
    - 50 credits for CHF 110.90
    - 75 credits for CHF 152.50
    - 150 credits for CHF 285.-

    How can I pay for my credit purchases?

    Credits are sold in euros (EUR), pounds sterling (GBB), US dollars (USD) or Swiss francs (CHF). You can select your currency in the Settings menu. All purchases are secured and can be done by credit card or Paypal.

    How can I use a promo code?

    Before selecting the pack of credits you want to buy (Menu / Manage credits), enter your promo code and click on ‘Add your promo code’. If your promo code is still valid, the promotion will be applied automatically. Don’t forget that a promo code is valid only once

    How long are my credits valid for?

    All your credits are valid for 18 months after your last purchase. Any new credit purchase(s) will extend the validity date of all your credits.

    Is it possible to refer my friends?

    Yes. You can refer up to 10 friends. Each friend will receive 2 free credits during their first purchase. You will receive 2 free credits for each referring!
    To be able to refer, you must have purchased credits at least once. For your referred friend, the referring code is only valid for their first purchase.
    To refer them, give them your referring code which can be found in the menu tab/free credits. As soon as the referred friend has used your referring code, you will receive a promo code which can be used 48 hours after. You will then only have to enter the promo code to get your 2 free credits.

    I'd like to give credits to a loved one. Do you offer gift cards?

    Yes, from the Account/Offering credits menu, you can easily create a gift code. Choose the amount of credits to offer from your account, and they will be transferred to the gift code.
    You can then offer this code to the person of your choice.
    The gift code is valid for 1 year, and the offered credits can then be used for 18 months, renewable.

    Is it possible to have the same account on more than one device?

    Yes, you can log in with the same account on the web and on several smartphones and tablets. This allows you to share credits and write cards to two or more people simultaneously!

    SimplyCards account

    How can I create a SimplyCards account?

    Let us take you through it. The app prompts you to create your account by filling in your email address. You will therefore be logged in automatically each time you open the app. You will also receive an email summarising your log in details. This can be useful if you want to use your SimplyCards account on other phones or tablets.

    I want to make a change to my account or password

    Go to the settings menu in the app. You can then change your loging details and your password. This can be useful if your email address is invalid and if you are not receiving any SimplyCards emails.

    I’ve forgotten my password

    On the log in screen, click on forgotten password. You can then enter the email address used for your SimplyCards account and receive a new password. Check your mailbox SPAM folder if you do not get the mail.
    Please note that your password is case sensitive, which means that capital letters do matter.

    I can’t find my log in details

    There may be an error in the email address used when creating your account. Contact customer support by email and we will help you to find your account and correct your address.

    I’m not receiving any emails from SimplyCards. Is this normal?

    We send you a confirmation email after every purchase and each time you send a card. In addition, we also send an email when the postcard has been dispatched to the postal service for delivery.
    If you do not receive these emails, it may be because your email address is spelt incorrectly. You can change it directly in the app in the Settings menu.
    Also check that these emails are not sent to your SPAM folder in your mailbox.

    I want to delete my account, how do I do it?

    From the Account/Settings menu, you can easily delete your account and all associated data.
    We will be sad to see you go!

    How do I manage my newsletter subscription?

    We send useful information about SimplyCards as well as promotions via email.
    From the Account/Settings menu, you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters.
    An unsubscribe link is also available in each received newsletter.

    Customer support

    I have a question or a problem, who can I contact?

    If your postcard has not been received or if you have any other unanswered questions, please contact us by email at support@simplycards.com. Our customer service is there for your satisfaction!