You would like to send a postcard or a Duo card to a large number of people?

Whether it is for :
  • marketing operation,
  • professional or personal wishes,
  • thanks,
  • invitations ….
  • We have a simple solution for your request!
    Contact us now on to explain us your project, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
    envoi de cartes en nombre

    How does it work ?

    You design your card template on your account on the SimplyCards' app, then you send us a file (xls, csv) that contains all the addresses.
    Next, we take care of the rest. The cards are then printed and shipped any time you want, anywhere in the world, at the same rate.
    You would like to design your cards with your own graphic design tools (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Canvas, …) ? No worries, it is also possible.

    A few details that will make a difference !

    A customised title on every card

    On the back of the card, the title area can be customized for each recipient of your mailing in number. This little detail will give your card a more personal tone to it.

    a tailor-made QR-Code

    On the back of the card, a QR-Code is printed.
    It will enable you to either :
    - redirect your recipient to your website,
    - or let him the possibility of replying to you by email easily through our mini-site of replies.