SimplyCards for professionals

Backed by our experience in sending postcards to the general public, we also offer postcard-related services to professionals.
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Interested in sending postcards in bulk?

Simplycards offers you a simple and efficient solution to send postcards or Duo cards to a large number of recipients.
Whether it is:
  • For a direct marketing project with your clients or potential clients,
  • To send out your business greetings,
  • Or else for a commercial promotion,
  • Sending postcards or Duo cards is a simple, original and effective way to stand out.
    The power of a real customized support received in the mailbox makes it a premium, impactful and re-engaging communication.
    Direct marketing campaigns by postcards will draw the attention of your customers and prospects. They have a high conversion rate in comparison to pure digital campaigns.

    You want to animate your community or your client database?

    Simplycards suggests you a tailored postcard animation.
    Influencers, retailers, businesses, we can generate a promo code in your name to share with those who love you.
    That code could be a discount percentage on SimplyCards' packs, free cards to give away, …. Icing on the cake, the cards sent by your clients can display your brand's logo on the back!
    Your logo on customer Postcards
    Contact us now on to explain us your project, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.