A SimplyCards gift code. What is it?

The SimplyCards gift code is a simple way to give SimplyCards credits to a loved one. By receiving a gift code, they can, in turn, explore the app and experience the joy of creating and sending their own personalized postcards. A nice and original gift for those who love sharing photos!
Offer a SimplyCards gift code

How does a gift code work?

Credits used to create a gift code (a gift code is just the code you write on a gift card before you give it away 😉 ) are debited directly from your SimplyCards account. The gift code has the advantage of being a dematerialized gift. Very practical and quick to prepare as a last-minute gift, the SimplyCards gift code can be prepared in 3 clicks from your application.

Create gift code

In the "Account / Offer credits" section, you can select the number of credits you wish to offer with a gift code.

How to use a SimplyCards gift code?

Once given to the lucky recipient, all they have to do is enter the gift code in the application to benefit from the credits offered.

The SimplyCards gift card: a gift idea for whom?

The SimplyCards gift card is the ideal gift to bring together those who are far away! Lacking inspiration? This simple and original idea will delight your loved ones, bringing smiles with each postcard creation. The SimplyCards gift card is particularly suitable for:

  • The adventurous newlyweds : give a SimplyCards gift card to a newlywed couple going on their honeymoon. They'll be able to immortalize their first moments of happiness together and share these personalized memories with their loved ones.
  • Traveling souls: for a friend with a passion for travel and adventure who's planning his next long-haul trip, the SimplyCards gift card becomes the ideal companion. They'll be able to capture the highlights of their exploration and share them with you in a unique way.
  • Long-distance lovers: when distance temporarily sets in between you and your other half, give them a SimplyCards gift card. Each postcard becomes a visual love letter, a creative way to stay connected despite the distance.
  • Young adventurers : as a child leaves the family nest to pursue their own adventures, a SimplyCards gift card becomes the perfect way to stay connected. They'll be able to share their new experiences authentically and creatively.
  • Young parents : for new parents, giving a SimplyCards gift card is an original gift that invites them to regularly share precious moments of their newborn with loved ones, transforming every little milestone into a personalized postcard.
  • ...
    With a SimplyCards gift card, every moment becomes an opportunity to create, share and cherish personal memories. It's a great gift for turning distance into closeness.
  • The best occasions to offer a SimplyCards gift code?

    There are plenty of opportunities to give a SimplyCards gift card.
    Of course, there are the major holidays and celebrations. Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, or a birth... with the SimplyCards gift card, you are giving a creative experience that will be etched in memories. The SimplyCards credits offered will be greatly appreciated for sending announcements, expressing gratitude, or simply sharing photos of a cherished moment with family or friends!
    Testimonial from Pierre and Julie, newlyweds: "At our wedding, one of our guests gave us a SimplyCards gift code. Such a great idea! We took the opportunity to share beautiful memories in the form of thank-you cards with photos. When we went to dinner at Laura's last Saturday, the postcard with our wedding photo was displayed on her fridge. It touched us deeply and brought back such wonderful memories."
    There are also travels and vacations! Postcards are often associated with journeys and holidays. Giving a SimplyCards gift card is already preparing for the adventure and starting the journey! Encourage friends and family to capture and share their travel moments through personalized postcards. A great way to maintain connections and immortalize beautiful memories.
    For the joy of giving and discovering. For those who appreciate SimplyCards for creating and sending cards, giving a gift code is a beautiful way to share and introduce the application.
    If you are looking for an original gift, don't wait any longer to prepare your SimplyCards gift code!